Dinner & Sunset @Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran beach is a well-known and famous beach in Bali. It’s located in the south Kuta. Only 15 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport (depends on the traffic as well). Jimbaran beach has many seafood restaurants for you to try.

For us, we had dinner at Jukung Bali Seafood, recommended by our guide, Mr.Kaka. The restaurant’s very nice and we definitely go for the table on the beach.


BE CAREFUL when you sit on a chair..Make sure that you firmly stuck it in sand, otherwise, you might fall like our Mama did ^_^ Haha.





If you don’t want to miss a chance to enjoy seafood and sunset, I recommend you to make a reservation.

Let’s order some SEAFOOD…..We’re starving!!!



We ordered a seafood set like they recommended…

While we’re waiting..Let’s enjoy sunset at the beach


So beautiful and peaceful 🙂

Let’s eat!!

The seafood was not quite fresh. Perhaps they already cooked it long before we ordered because we cannot feel any hot or warm from any dishes. I’d say Thai seafood is much better than here. Everything’s quite salty. Maybe Balinese like salty food, I guess.

Around 7:00PM, there were two performances for us to enjoy the Balinese dance. The first performance is Balinese dancing. The dance is quite impressive. Their body, especially their necks, were flexible and they danced beautifully.

The next show was an old man dance.

There was a group of musician play nice songs for you. Actually, that lady was a guest. When the musician went to that table, they sang a Korean song. Suddenly, the lady joined the group and sang really really beautiful 🙂 Such a great dinner.

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